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semester project

winter 2020/21

During my semester at the Maastricht Institute of Arts I created a clothing line on the topic of „Digital Intimacy“. I examined how digitally constructed materials affect the value perception of textile products. Material textures developed for virtual use were applied to textiles using a selection of different techniques.

My intention was to achieve a more valuable perception of the underlying cheap material and try to fool the consumer. I developed techniques to simulate hand-woven textile surfaces. Techniques like screen printing, adhesive printing, hot foil printing and industrial embroidery came to use. The test showed that the test subjects' perception could be successfully deceived. Although the production techniques are known for ist use in mass and cheap production, the test subjects projected a natural, handcrafted and high-quality perception onto the textile samples. Through the project I was able to reveal how easily the consumer can be led into a wrong perception. Even with the help of fully artifical materials.

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