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semester project

winter 2018/19

In order to use fonts correctly as designers, it is important to gain an understanding of their areas of application. An analysis of the font anatomy can provide insight into the capabilities of a font. The properties of the Euclid Flex from Swiss Typefaces were researched in the course of a techique course.

The focus was on the wide-ranging OpenType features of the font. Not only does an intensive analysis take place on almost 170 pages, the application of the font is tested in various communication channels. So there is room not only for classic print media. Using the specimen, guidance, 3D, and product design are also examined. In the course of the analysis, the geometric grotesque is brought into a formal order, divided into design groups and examined anatomically.
Pattern formation and ligatures are tested in the application. The application of the OpenType extension of the Euclid Flex proves itself. The font can be used to emboss media in a variety of different characters. Loud and quiet, provocative and well-behaved, noble and simple. The analysis shows that the font does what it promises: almost unlimited flexibility.

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