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semester project

winter 2018/19

funklicht enables a digital break and reduces the smartphone to its light-giving properties. An atmospheric lighting atmosphere creates space for conversation and a sensual get-together.
To do this, the smartphones are placed under the screen with the flashlight turned upwards. Each „log“ contributes to the campfire mood.

The base was cast from pigmented Keraim. For the screen, acrylic glass was thermoformed, sandblasted and oiled in a complex process. The grip surface was made of birch wood and branded with a laser. The product was created as a team project during the Budenzauber course. In addition to the design and production of a limited series of the product, the course also included the sale of Funklicht.

Team: Moritz Walter, Minh Phuc Pham, Niklas Stich, Tobias Moser

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