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semester project

winter 2018/19

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, “Heirloom” commemorates the legendary works of the era that have shaped our lives to this day. Each building block of the three-dimensional stacking game is inspired by the three main disciplines of Bauhaus teaching and enables an interactive, playful experience of history.

An accompanying magazine for the game shows the background of the individual stones and gives an insight into teaching and working at the Bauhaus in the areas of architecture, typography and finally poster art. The extensive set contains 16 individual building blocks. They only show their potential in the game, during the mutual interaction. While stacking and fixing, the Bauhaus legacy can be understood through creative combination.  

With its choice of materials the set testifies the precise craftsmanship at the Bauhaus. When selecting the materials, the focus was always on a constant, high quality of the final product.

The product was created in team of four during the Budenzauber course. In addition to the design and production of a limited series of the product, the course also included the sale of Erbstück. The individual elements are made of European maple wood, using classic as well as modern processing techniques. In order to achieve a sculptural appearance in the room, the elements were made from two different material thicknesses. The deck sides were elaborately finished with a resin coating, which gives the stones their color, but also makes them more sturdy. Visible wood has been given a wax glaze for durability.

Team: Moritz Walter, Minh Phuc Pham, Niklas Stich, Tobias Moser

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